The Seven Knights of Arthurian Media: The Fourth Knight

What Ho Wee Readers, let’s raise our goblets and welcome our fourth knight to the round table.

King Arthur (2004)

Hey do you love the fantastical world of King Arthur and his knights of the round table? Well what if that was a lie, and the truth was both much more boring, and much more depressing. What if Arthur wasn’t a king at all but a Roman General, and his faithful knights were basically indentured against their will to serve him? And as for Merlin…okay he’s still pretty cool, but I think my point still stands. You wouldn’t think this was anything you’d pay good money to watch but to the film’s credit it still manages to produce a fun and entertaining story, with a cast filled with faces you might find ever so slightly familiar.

I would recommend it if nothing else than for the fun of seeing Hannibal, Uncle Owen, and Mister Fantastic as knights of the round table.

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