The Wee Archive: The Once and Future King

What Ho, Wee Readers and may your Coronation Day be bearable – it’s 2023, that’s all we can really ask of our monarch’s now. Anyway, because today is the first coronation we’ve had since sometime in the 50’s, I would like to break tradition and upload this post from the Wee Mailing List, announcing my next blog series, far sooner than expected.

And my next blog series shall be about…

King Arthur!!!!

Yes the next Wee Writing Blog Series shall be about the mythical king of Britain himself, or at least adaptions of him. With each post naming a different  Arthurian work of fiction I have read/ watched or listened to over the course. Since there are so many out there, we’ll keep it short this time and stick to just seven of them – listed in order of enjoyment, with the final one being released as a mailing list post.

Although just a heads up for anyone that might have been expecting it to appear on this list of mine – the one piece of Arthurian Media that absolutely won’t be appearing is…

Merlin the BBC Series

Nothing against the show it’s self, I just could never get into it – thus I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. While I will have at least one entry I didn’t really enjoy or finish, I feel like I’ve just not consumed enough of this one to have any kind of opinion of it. Sorry internet who has become obsessed with this show, this one just wasn’t for me.

If you’ve enjoyed this little tidbit of what’s to (on May 19th if I can keep to my schedule) come , why not check some of my previous blog series now? Also check me out on Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, Facebook, Goodreads and Kofi. Until next time Wee Subscribers, keep safe and have a very Bonny day.

And for everyone reading this now, let’s just hope this king has better luck than the last two kings named Charles did.