The Seven Knights of Arthurian Media: Knight the First

What Ho Wee Readers and welcome to my third consecutive blog series. As previously revealed in my newsletter this new blog series will feature words based in the world, and featuring the main players of Arthurian lore.

But enough of lengthy introductions and the like, you all know how this goes now – so just sit back, grab your holy grails, and let’s begin with the first knight in our Arthurian media round table.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

I did not enjoy this book, in fact I hated it so much I didn’t even finish it – but why hear me beat that horse dead why not have a glance down at a review I posted on my GoodReads page.

“I was first introduced to the myth of King Arthur by Mary Stewart’s Merlin Series – check it out, it’s fantastic – thus Merlin is a character that’s fairly close to my heart. In fact, he’s my favorite Arthurian character, second only to Mordred and Morgouse. And this is not the book for fans of Merlin; full disclosure, I couldn’t even finish it. In fact, by the time “Hank” blows up Merlin’s tower I was so angry by the treatment of my magical favorite that I was kind of glad I was listening to an audiobook instead of a hard copy, so I wouldn’t be tempted to throw it in the fire. However, if you don’t mind seeing Merlin turned into a butt monkey and the rest of the court made to look like idiots, you will find a well written book, with at least a mildly interesting plot. I hated it, but I will freely admit that I am a very biased party.”

You might think it rather strange of me to choose a piece of Arthurian literature that I couldn’t even finish to start off my little list here, but to that I say that to truly appreciate the highs that this legend can achieve we must first first delve into its depths. Truthfully it’s not a bad book by any accounts, I admit in my review that I’m a very bias party in regards to its quality. If you can get past the blatant Merlin bashing, then you should find a very well written book, with a unique premise. However I admit I would shudder at the idea of this particular book being anyone’s introduction to the Arthurian Mythos.

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