The Twelve Days of Christmas Folklore &History: The Sixth Day

On the Sith Day of my Christmas holiday my employer gave to me….oh my god what’s that!

Okay so, I said I was going to talk about some folklore on this folklore Christmas blog series, so let’s talk about some Folklore. Just…just don’t look into his eyes and everything should be okay.

Appearing in the visage of a monstrous goat man in the Central and Eastern Alpine Folklore – Krampus was said to join Saint Nicolas in visiting houses on December 5th. While Good old St. Nick would give presents like oranges and chocolate to the good kids, Krampus would punish the bad ones by hitting them with birch sticks.

Which is certainly not nice, but it’s a bit of a leap from that to…well…we’ve all seen the film.

You haven’t?

Oh you should, it’s really good.

And since I can’t seem to stop myself let’s end on a bit of history.

While people have theorised that the myth of Krampus has pre-Cristian roots, particularly in traditional Alpine traditions – what with the celebrations involving him dating back to at least the 6th or 7th century – there is no written sources of him until the end of the 16th century.

Like always if I’ve left anything out or gotten something wrong, mention it down below in the comments. It’s why I have them.

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