The Wee Arhive – Episode II

What ho wee readers well I’m back with the next installment of the Wee Archive: this one from the far off year of 2020, deep in the heart of lockdown.

What Ho Wee Subscribers, and welcome to the second email on the Wee Mailing List. Well, quite a lot has happened since my last email hasn’t it – sometimes it feels like the whole world has either gone insane, or is reenacting the last chapter of a very strange Stephen King novel.

Even up here in the wind swept hills of the north of Scotland, we’ve not been able to escape the sad case of the Covid19 panic.

We’ve been quarantined and shut up in Lockdown.

Political figures we once hailed as heroic, seem to have lost their color.

And the rumor’s going round now that we’re heading into a food shortage, so that will be fun.

Still this is hardly the first pandemic we, as a global community, have faced and they’ve never stopped us before – why should this one be any different?

Yet, I can’t begin to describe, how much I’m looking forward to Christmas, when hopefully this will all be over.

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The Wee Writing Lassie’s Top Nine Vegan Dishes at Wetherspoons

What ho, Wee Readers – well I’m back, after a couple weeks hashing out and rearranging my interview with Ailish for the Wee Mailing List, I’m back to my own blog again. Although before I go on I would urge you to go look at her new book, Sisters at the Edge of the World. Not because I have any stake in it, it’s just a really good authentic book.

If you want to know why it feels so authentic, check out my previous post here.

But moving on to the actual meat – Ha! – of the post…

For anyone who follows my Instagram account, you might already be aware that I am a vegan, a big one. You may also be aware – if you’ve been paying close attention to my last few posts – that I am also currently working as a housekeeper at Whetherspoons.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Practically nothing. Except as a employee at Wetherspoons I not only get a free meal provided for me, I get 20% discount in all Wetherspoons.

And you know what that means?

That’s right, top nine list of the vegan stuff at Wetherspoons!

Well I think that’s enough of an introduction – onto the pictures of food now.

9. Tomato and Basil Soup

Rating: 5/10

A strong tasting bowl of thick tomato 🍅 soup.

Further comments: Be careful which tomato and basil soup you buy as they have two with the same name and one of them has milk in them

8. Beyond Burger

Rating: 8/10

For all those Junk Food Vegans out there, Wetherspoons has a burger that would make even McDonald’s jealous.

Further Comments: Lovely, if a bit rich for me.

7.Vegan Sausages , Chips and Beans

Rating: 7/10

A giant portion, including three veggie sausages, and a full plate of chips and beans.

Further comments: Chips were excellent, sausage was a bit too salty for me but I freely admit that’s a personal taste.

6. Fiesta Burger

Rating: 8/10

A heavy stack burger, featuring salsa, guacamole, and roasted vegetables. Served with a side of chips and onion rings.

Further comments : Delicious 🤤

5. Simple Mangalorean roasted cauliflower & spinach Curry with chips

Rating: 9/10

A rich, oily dish of potatoes, spinach and peppers and served with either chips or rice, this ///// Indian dish with make your mouth water just from the smell of it.

Further Comments: Spicy, but not so hot that it makes your eyes run.

4. Five Bean Chill

Rating: 9/10

A chili meal consisting of at least five kinds of beans and if im not mistaken quinoa in the mix as well. All served in a deceptively small bowl, accompanied by rice and tortilla chips on the side.

Further Comments: Deeply filling and the kind of meal that heats you up belly first on a cold day.

3. Jacket Potato with Five Bean Chili

Rating: 7/10

A combination of bake potato and their five bean chili, this dish is perfect for any vegan who needs a little kick with their jacket potato.

Further Comments: The smell alone can make your mouth water.

2. Bake Potato with Roasted Veg

Rating: 8/10

Talk about your gluten-free carb fest, this giant potato, piled high with succulent roasted veg and served with a glorious side salad of lettuce 🥬 , tomato 🍅 , cucumber 🥒 and Onion 🧅 is sure to sate the appetite of even the most hungry of vegans.

Further comments: That is one big ass potato 🥔

1. Takeaway Chips

Rating: 9/10

It might seem like a simple thing to put so high on this list – and yet Wetherspoons chips are gorgeous, and the fact that we can get them as a takeaway is just so exciting to me.

Additional comments: Yes, I’m very easily pleased – now shut up and let me eat my chips.

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