Twelve Days of Christmas Folklore & History: The Third Day

On the third day of my Christmas holiday my employer gave to me…Three Countdown Chocolates to Christmas Revelry. Remember to sign up to the Wee Mailing List to receive the final days of the Blog series.

The word advent is from the Latin word for ‘coming’; and the period of Advent was originally for converts to Christianity to prepare for their baptism. However now it’s a countdown for my favourite day of the year.

The first printed Advent Calendar was created by Gerhard Lang in early 20th century, but because of a cardboard shortage in the 1930s he had to shut down production.

Interesting fact, during WWII the Nazis produced their own advent calendar which was basically just a pamphlet with pictures of swastikas and tanks being blown up. History is depressing.

Post WWII Richard Sellmer created his own winter themed – no swastikas or tanks in this one thank you – calendar and began selling them on mass.

And eventually the art of the Advent calendar hit it’s highest peak with the emergence of the first Chocolate advent Calendar in 1958.

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