Adventure Ho!

Behold, My Wee Readers, the glinting waters of a Scottish summer ocean. Gaze upon the footprints left in the warm sand and the shiny gleam of the black rocks before you. The sky is clear and the sun is bright , and for a moment all is wonderful in the world. Now, what is the point of this? You know, other than to show off the fact that I took a really good picture of St Combs beach last week. What has this to do with anything? It doesn’t, I was just distracting you while I finish packing.

That’s right my Wee Readers, I’m going on Holiday. On the 16th of June, I’ll be heading off to the far flung reaches of Scotland for my Adventure – hopefully to collect photos similar to the one above, and not ones depicting a week full of rain. So while they’ll be no new blog posts next week, I do recommend you check me out on Instagram and especially Twitter, as I’ll be continuing to post there frequently all throughout my trip.

Well that’s me said my piece, thus I shall leave you with this image of what hopefully all my food is going to look like on holiday.

Until next time my wee readers, have a bonny day.


Harry Potter and the Dirty Robe

Or how JK Rowling finally succeeded in retroactively ruining her own books.

Welcome, my wee readers to the first of many rants well thought out think pieces on the Wee Blog.

Let us begin, much like Rowling herself, with a boy on a train.

His name is Harry Potter.

Ah, Harry Potter, that mythic golden goose that managed to ensnare both child and adult readers before…well every franchise under the sun was trying to do that. Like many in my generation I spent a good amount of my childhood reading the words of Ms. Rowling, and getting lost in the world she created. Thus, like many of my generation, and let’s face it everyone else, I was ecstatic to hear more tit-bits from the world of Harry Potter. However, I don’t think it took us very long, relatively speaking, to notice a bit of a trend with this new information.  

She seemed to be trying to retroactively ruin the Harry Potter books.

We all kind of know where it started – with the revelation of Dumbledore’s sexuality. But don’t get me wrong, Dumbledore being gay wasn’t the problem – it was the fact that she chose to reveal it retroactively on Twitter. Why would you do that? Why not just put it in the books to begin with – I mean it doesn’t have to be the focus since its Harry’s story, but it would have been really good to have that representation in the books. To have the leader of the Light be an out and proud Gay man, would have really added something to the story JK Rowling was trying to tell.  But okay…guess we’re just going to put it on social media and collect the praise without doing any of the work for actual inclusion.

Still, that revelation didn’t ruin the books themselves per say, but it did cast a shadow of doubt on the author. Was she really as progressive as she made herself out to be? Or was she just playing the part to court the favor of both the LGBT community and the homophobes? And if so, could we continue to like her books even if she turned out to be a terrible, terrible person? Could we separate Harry Potter from his Author? It’s a questions fans of works written by writers who turn out to be human garbage, have asked themselves since the beginning of the written word. In the end I think it’s a personal choice – and I very much doubt that ‘the Dumbledore is Gay’ revelation ruined the Harry Potter books for many people. After all, it didn’t exactly prove JK Rowling was an awful person, just maybe a little thoughtless in her actions sometimes.

The Next strike – or at least the next strike I remember – came in the form of supplementary material from the site Pottermore (a site I’ve never quite understood the appeal of myself, but many people seem to like so I’ll leave it be). In preparation for her new Fantastic Beast Films, Rowling released a series of short stories detailing the history of magic/wizards in North America and… oh boy, was it a racist slock.  I’m not entirely sure which was worse, the fact that she had written the Navajo Skinwalkers into her text as misunderstood Animagi; or that when she was confronted by Native American readers, she declined to respond and instead let her more rabid fans do the answering. No, no, I’m being unfair…both actions can be awful.

So where does this leave us? Do I think JK Rowling is actually racist – a bit, but probably not consciously; she’s more likely just very, very lazy in her research. Or, and I like this idea the most, this is just another step in her dastardly plan to ruin the Harry Potter series. Think about it, would you really want to read the books of a racist? I know I wouldn’t. Still Harry Potter is such a well written, if slightly flawed in sections, work that even if JK Rowling does turn out to be a terrible person and not just a very, very daft one – it isn’t a difficult thing to separate her from the work. You can still enjoy the books and the films, even if you dislike the author.

It’s what I had to do when Rowling stuck her ‘terribly large nose’ into Scotland’s business – and then refused to talk about it like an adult. Still that was back in 2014 and I can be an adult, who cares if she described the SNP as Deatheaters, and the head of Scotland’s Labour branch – one of the leaders of the ‘No Thanks’ Campaign – as a ‘good little Gryffindor’. It’s not as if it was an important political situation, that would affect the lives of almost everyone in Briton and deserved to be treated as such…oh wait.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make before that trip down painful memory lane was, that all these mistakes – and there have been many more that I haven’t mentioned here – all lead to one solid explanation:

She’s doing it deliberately.

She wants to ruin the Harry Potter series for us.

 By now you must be thinking, Wee Lassie, how have you come to this ridiculous conclusion? When there are so many more sensible ones on offer: maybe she’s just not very good at Twitter, maybe she’s just lazy, or maybe she’s just a terrible person. All excellent well thought out conclusions, my wee Readers, but all proven wrong by one new fact about the wizarding world that Rowling released relatively recently at time of writing.

Before they had toilets, Wizards would shit themselves and then just magic it away.

This has ruined Harry Potter for me…I will never again be able to take any books or films set in the wizarding world seriously. And I cannot believe that an author who wrote something so profound as the Harry Potter books, could reveal something that stupid about her own world with sincerity…ergo… this must be a deliberate campaign to sabotage her past success.

Now, why would she do that? Possibly because none of her other forays into writing have been as universally loved as Harry Potter – pigeonholing her as only the writer of Harry Potter in the public’s eyes, instead of a successful author in her own right. Perhaps she’s simply trolling us for the giggles. Or maybe I’m just seeing conspiracies where there’s really only a shitty person.

What do you think?

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Until next time, my wee readers, farewell and have a bonny night.

A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen

What ho, my wee readers, allow me to introduce myself. I am The Wee Writing Lassie . I am predominantly a Writer, with aspirations for a freelance editing career in the future, and this is my wee blog. This post is intended to give you a brief idea of what you’re in for during your time perusing it.

So as we talk, let us take a wee stroll round the northern Scottish village of Strichen – it’s nay actually my own village, but it’s close enough and it makes for some very pretty pictures. Lets start with the Lake…

Strichen Lake / A Wee Introduction and a walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie

As we look out onto the Lake of Strichen community park, the stillness of the place lets my mind wonder into worlds that are nay my own. As a writer I’m fascinated by all things Science Fiction or Fantasy – although the Horror Genre seems to creep into almost everything I write – so you may be hearing many future tirades well-thought out think pieces, through out this blog. Huh…it’s getting a wee bit nippy, I guess its time to go inside now

An old fashioned Reading room in Strichen / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
The Reading Room at Strichen Library

Ah now, that’s better…it may not be exactly toasty up in the Reading Room of Strichen Library, but it is full of one of our society’s greatest treasures… the Written Word. If you take a look at the page marked in an unsubtle fashion as ‘My Short Stories’ up on the menu, you may see some of my own ‘humble’ contributions to that expansive world. My legs are getting sore sitting here, let’s go take a look around.

An old desk in the second upstairs room of the Strichen Library.

In a smaller room off to the side, we find ourselves staring at an old desk. It’s well made and doesn’t look to have much wear – meaning it’s probably not had much use. It’s one of those things we put aside and try not to think about about in our day to day lives. I’m Dyslexic and – although I haven’t had a formal diagnosis – I’m pretty sure the amount of furniture I’ve ruined with my violent stimming, allows me to say that I’m also slightly Autistic as well. Will this be a main and or recurring topic on the blog? Probably not, unless I have something interesting to say about it, it’s more a driving force behind other topics. If I have an obsession with something I’m going to be talking about it at length. Hmm…I think this metaphor has played itself out, onto the next slightly forced but very pretty picture.

Strichen Maps / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
A Strichen Map

At last we come to our final stop, what I’m assuming to be some kind of map of Strichen as a whole. Thus like the map we can look back, and discover what we have learned about The Wee Writing Lassie. She is a Dyslexic, slightly Autistic, Sci/Horror Writer & Freelance Editor in Training. She lives in the North of Scotland, which she clearly loves taking pictures of, and forcing them into blog posts – so expect to see many of those in future posts to come – and…oh yes!

Vegan Pizza / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
Vegan Pizzas…yum.

She’s a vegan! Thank you for joining me through this metaphor laden trip through Strichen…here’s a slice of vegan pizza for your troubles. If you enjoyed the many pictures in this blog post, then follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to see more.