The Nine Glories of the Rings of Power: The Second Glory

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Elrond and Durin, the Bromance

This friendship between a prince of dwarves and a lord of elves is exciting both from an individual story beat ( the Stone of a simple friendship can start the avalanche that is the creation of the Rings of Power); and from a wider cultural impact in regards to Tolkien mythology.

Namely, this is the most narrative attention a dwarf/elf friendship has gotten in a while. Possibly ever, since while friendships like Legolas and Gimli were always there – neither Legolas or Gimli were the stars of their own storylines. They were side players, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, someone has to be, but it did mean that this presumably momentous friendship really didn’t get the attention it deserved. For goodness’s sake the most extraordinary part of their friendship – Legolas bringing Gimli to the Undying lands – is shoved into an Appendix at the end.

I’m not saying that’s a problem narratively speaking – it was just a little disappointing for me personally.

Compare that to say the friendship of Elrond and Durin which due to the nature of its medium – and the multiple story threads of the Rings of Power – has a lot more room to be explored. In particular I enjoyed the drama of their differing views of time – with 20 years being nothing to an immortal elf, but quite a lot in the life of a mortal, even a mortal as long lived as a dwarf.

Plus I just kind of like Durin as a character, what can I say…I just find him neat.

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