The Wee Archive – Episode 3: The Insults Strike Back

I debated whether or not to put this Newsletter in the Wee Archive, seeing as the whole point of it was that these were the insults to politicians I thought were a bit too rude to make it into the original post. But in the end I just decided to go for it, since the actual swearwords are bleeped out, and I found the ending just really, really funny.

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What ho, Wee Subscribers, and welcome to the Wee Mailing Letter – the insult edition. Well, if you’ve seen my latest post, you’ll know that my deep growing apathy to all kinds of government, has led me to my newest and most enjoyable side hobby – insulting politicians. While the main post has covered the majority of the insults – check that out here, if you haven’t already – here are a few close to my heart that just didn’t quite make the cut for the post.


  1. Look it’s the mad b**** of Glasgow
  2. I hope one day you wake up chained to a unicorn, and it stabs you in the brain.
  3. The Before picture on Emperor Palpatine’s makeover is looking a tad unrealistic – no one looks that bad.
  4. C***


  1. Who’s a bad dog? Who’s gonna ruin the economy and set Britain’s job market back for generations to come – yes, you are! You are!
  2. Danger! New Venereal disease just discovered: the Boris Johnson. Fertile women of childbearing age most at risk to this annoying pest .
  3.  Toilet Paper head – careful not all of the shit has been flushed away.
  4. Tonight on Chanel 4 News – The Top Ten Reasons it’s a bad idea to vote a baby into office.
  5. C*** Face

Keir Starmer

  1. How did a shovel get so fat?
  2. 1984 called, it would like it’s false opposition back. 
  3. The Aliens really aren’t trying to blend in with us at all, are they?
  4. Behold the Amazing Red Tory; combines the worst parts of both the left and the right, into one horrible package. For the love of God, don’t make eye contact.
  5. C***y McC***ison

And of course…


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