The Seven Knights of Arthurian Media: The Fifth Knight

Let,s pull those swords out of those stones for the fifth knight of Arthurian Media

Sword in the Stone (Disney)

What I love about his film, although it’s quite a famous piece of Arthurian Media is it actually has very little do with a lot of the extra stuff we consider important in the great king’s mythology. There are no knights of the round table, no Lancelot, no Morgan Le Fey and her shenanigans. There is a Sword in the Stone, but despite it being the title of the film it really doesn’t play a part in the majority of the plot – which is primary focused on Merlin changing the young Arthur into various different animals to teach him lessons.

Which I think just goes to show that sometimes to have a good Arthurian story all you need is just…Arthur himself.

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2 thoughts on “The Seven Knights of Arthurian Media: The Fifth Knight

  1. I love Disney’s The Sword and the Stone, one of my childhood favorites. Good old fashioned entertainment and a lot of fun 4th wall breaking. I remember actually being a little disappointed when I read the book for my Sophomore year in High School as the film was so good. Merlin being a little more of an arrogant jerk in the books just seems so weird.


  2. Absolutely loved this film as a kid, really needs a rewatch. One of Disney’s most underrated/underappreciated.


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