The Nine Glories of the Rings of Power: The Eighth Glory

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Galadriel and Sauron: BFF

Spoilers ahead…

This was the buddy /secret enemy/ Dark Lord of the world road trip that I never realised I’d been craving all this time.

There’s been some criticism of TRoP’s depiction of Galadriel, namely that she’s not very likeable – which is absolutely true, she’s not likeable at all. She’s cruel, she’s bitter, she’s self righteous, and worst of all she’s also kind of racist. Not in the real world kind of way we discussed in my first post, but closer to a fantasy kind of racism. Namely, to the Galadriel at the beginning of the series, if you’re not an elf you’re pretty much nothing to her.

Heck she only really starts being polite to the man who saved her from the ocean – when she learns he might be the long-lost king of the Southlands and therefore useful to her crusade.

All this sounds like a complaint, but it’s not really. Because all this unpleasantness, all this snobbery, cruelty, and self-absorption just makes it all the sweeter when it finally dawns on her who that “lost” king of men really is.

It was so glorious, I giggled. It’s a good twist, regardless – and really the only way we’d get a closer look at Sauron as a character rather than just an ominous threat – but that look on Galadriel’s face, made it really funny as well.

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3 thoughts on “The Nine Glories of the Rings of Power: The Eighth Glory

  1. 💜 Galadriel resisted The Temptation of The Ring when Frodo offered it freely; then she comforted Frodo with the words “…even the smallest person can change the course of the future Frodo Baggins; this is Nenya The Ring of Adamant and I AM its Keeper” then she turns up telepathically after Frodo escapes Shelobs Lair

    I may be divorced; but I NOW!!! Know that a bitter, twisted lady is redeemable just like Celeborn did unlike their daughter, Celebrain, who wandered off in to the woods after giving birth to three children then Leaving Elrond as a DEVASTATED EX-HUSBAND in Rivendell…


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  2. This was my absolute favourite part of the series. It’s the kind of content I’ve been seeking lately: heroine x villain; I liked Halbrand from the start but he got even hotter for me when it was revealed who he was! I like that Galadriel is a complex character, I like unlikable women. (My favourite Game of Thrones character is Cersei so that tells you everything.)

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