The Wee Archive: The First Entry

What Ho Wee Readers, and welcome to my new blog series I like to call – The Wee Archive, mainly because it seemed like the most suitable name I could choose. Intended to go between longer, more involved posts that often take a very long time for me to write – the series will be a recollection of the varies different newsletters of The Wee Mailing List. Beginning with my very first newsletter “Pictures from the Wee Archive: A Scottish Fairy Tale”. While of course I encourage you all to sign up for said Mailing List to receive new and exciting content as regularly as I can churn it out – I always found it a little sad that unlike a blog post which can in theory stay up forever, for anyone to see, once a Mailing List is sent out that’s it really. It can be found in a subscriber’s inbox, or my MailChimp account but no where else, and while I admit that is probably the entire point of a Mailing List, I can’t help finding it sad.

And when you mix that sadness with an urgent need to create more content and not have your Wee Readers waiting months for the next blog post, you get The Wee Archive…enjoy.

Pictures from the Wee Archive : A Scottish Fairy Tale

What Ho, Wee Subscribers – welcome to the Wee Mailing List. As we are all in Lockdown up here in the North of Scotland, and thus unable to take new photos of all our wonderful sights and historic buildings, I thought I’d dig into the Wee Archives to show you some pics that just didn’t quite make the cut for the original blog. 

Ah Scotland, home of only the pinkest of castles

Of course not all of Scotland’s castles are pink – I mean can you imagine?

No, this isn’t a land of fairy tales – we don’t all live in castles or fairy cottages.

We mostly just live in regular old houses…

And watch the wildlife outside our windows.

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And here in the present, have a very bonny day from a very tired Wee Writing Lassie – and remember to follow the Wee blog if you haven’t already and check me out on TikTok as well.


4 thoughts on “The Wee Archive: The First Entry

  1. Love it Lassie, short and sweet and to the point. There’s nothing better than seeing a medieval style castle, one of great romantic images of the UK, Ireland, and Scotland. Didn’t think there would actually be a pink castle, but I’m glad I was surprised to find it true. I know I mentioned this before but I do love talking about stuff like it but my Mom’s maternal Grandma was born and raised in Scotland, not sure if she was from the North end or South end though as I have to ask my one Aunt who knows some the family genealogy. Keep stuff like this coming.

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