The Wee Writing Lassie’s Top Ten “Dumb” Videos to watch while the World Burns

What ho, Wee Readers! Well, that last post got kind of deep and thoughtful, strange for something that was suppose to be about distracting yourself from the terribleness of the world right now. I mean I think it was a good post, it just wasn’t what I planned for when I started out – so with this one, it is just going to be relaxing fluff, I swear. So why not sit back, relax, and join me as I go through the top ten “dumb” videos to watch while the world burns. Yeah, that sounds simple – I can stick to that. It’s not like I’m incapable of finding simple joy in things anymore.

10. Watchmojo – Top 10 Best Simpsons Couch Gags

So far so…mostly…good.

9. Collegehumour – Everyday is a Holiday on Twitter

Yeah, Twitter…I’m sure there’s nothing distressing trending on there right now. I am acing this.

8. The Take – Why Ted is the Villain of How I Met Your Mother

Okay, so reevaluating media you used to like due to the outdated and horrifying implications of the writing. Well, when is that ever not relevant?

7. Studio C – Clue Murder Mystery Scandal

A billionaire confesses to multiple crimes due to the bare minimum of prodding from a police officer. Comedy Sketch, or Bill Gates future?

6. The Nostalgia Critic – The Adam Sandler Song

I’m sure….Adam Sandler’s not accused of anything. You know, right now.

5. Pop Culture Detective – Stranger Things, Belligerent Romance and the Danger of Nostalgia

Okay, so maybe ‘Dumb Videos’ was a tad too restrictive a bar to reach. It’s still distracting though so, I can do this.

4. Rachel Bloom – I Don’t Care About Award Shows

Oh my God, award shows are gonna become unwatchable if all those allegations of the Hollywood elites turn out to be true. No! No, I’m not going to let my mind drift to there again.

3. Adam Ruins Everything – Why Billionaire Philanthropy is Not So Selfless 

Wow, this video just suddenly got very relevant. So…yeah…we’ve established I hate Bill Gates and now we’re moving on.

2.Overly Sarcastic Productions – Just For Funsies: College, Hell, What’s the Difference?

Ha! Ha! I did it! It may not be dumb but there’s nothing in this video that could remind anyone of the awful state of the world. Except…exams were canceled due to fear of Covid19. No, no, I can do this – there are no knew comparisons! After all, we’re not in any kind of hell….it’s not like people are being terrible to each other by illegally policing the wearing of face-masks inside of shops. Maybe even accosting people with disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask, demanding that they prove said disability. Something, which as we all should know by now is a violation of not only basic decency, but actual human rights. But I mean, what lunatic would do that?

1. AwakenWithJP – What it’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You

You see that introduction up there where I promise this was just going to be a nice list of dumb videos to get you through a tough time? Yeah, that was a lie, I apologize for that.

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