Adventure Ho!

Behold, My Wee Readers, the glinting waters of a Scottish summer ocean. Gaze upon the footprints left in the warm sand and the shiny gleam of the black rocks before you. The sky is clear and the sun is bright , and for a moment all is wonderful in the world. Now, what is the point of this? You know, other than to show off the fact that I took a really good picture of St Combs beach last week. What has this to do with anything? It doesn’t, I was just distracting you while I finish packing.

That’s right my Wee Readers, I’m going on Holiday. On the 16th of June, I’ll be heading off to the far flung reaches of Scotland for my Adventure – hopefully to collect photos similar to the one above, and not ones depicting a week full of rain. So while they’ll be no new blog posts next week, I do recommend you check me out on Instagram and especially Twitter, as I’ll be continuing to post there frequently all throughout my trip.

Well that’s me said my piece, thus I shall leave you with this image of what hopefully all my food is going to look like on holiday.

Until next time my wee readers, have a bonny day.

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43 thoughts on “Adventure Ho!

  1. Hop[e you have a great holiday, and I’m just being plain nosy: what far-flung reaches are you visiting? My mother’s family lived in Buckie, and that’s pretty far-flung… Wherever you’re headed, I look forward to your photos.

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  2. Thanks for following my blog which inadvertently led me to yours. Seems I was just departing from my first visit to your spectacular country when you were beginning your own holiday.

    Actually, I can understand why you would be writing about food. Being a lover of garden greens, a healthy salad was hard to come by in Scotland. Still, your country has so many other absolutely wonderful things to offer that it was a trade off.

    Thanks for sharing your spectacular photos. I still feel like I am in dreamland even though I returned a few weeks ago. Best of wishes to you β€” so fortunate to live in Scotland!

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    1. Thank you, I’ve always found it a spectacular place as well πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked my photos and I’m sorry you couldn’t find a decent salad πŸ₯— ; we are getting better in that regard, but clearly we’ve still got a way to go😁
      Best Wishes to you too ☺️


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