A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen

What ho, my wee readers, allow me to introduce myself. I am The Wee Writing Lassie . I am predominantly a Writer, with aspirations for a freelance editing career in the future, and this is my wee blog. This post is intended to give you a brief idea of what you’re in for during your time perusing it.

So as we talk, let us take a wee stroll round the northern Scottish village of Strichen – it’s nay actually my own village, but it’s close enough and it makes for some very pretty pictures. Lets start with the Lake…

Strichen Lake / A Wee Introduction and a walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie

As we look out onto the Lake of Strichen community park, the stillness of the place lets my mind wonder into worlds that are nay my own. As a writer I’m fascinated by all things Science Fiction or Fantasy – although the Horror Genre seems to creep into almost everything I write – so you may be hearing many future tirades well-thought out think pieces, through out this blog. Huh…it’s getting a wee bit nippy, I guess its time to go inside now

An old fashioned Reading room in Strichen / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
The Reading Room at Strichen Library

Ah now, that’s better…it may not be exactly toasty up in the Reading Room of Strichen Library, but it is full of one of our society’s greatest treasures… the Written Word. If you take a look at the page marked in an unsubtle fashion as ‘My Short Stories’ up on the menu, you may see some of my own ‘humble’ contributions to that expansive world. My legs are getting sore sitting here, let’s go take a look around.

An old desk in the second upstairs room of the Strichen Library.

In a smaller room off to the side, we find ourselves staring at an old desk. It’s well made and doesn’t look to have much wear – meaning it’s probably not had much use. It’s one of those things we put aside and try not to think about about in our day to day lives. I’m Dyslexic and – although I haven’t had a formal diagnosis – I’m pretty sure the amount of furniture I’ve ruined with my violent stimming, allows me to say that I’m also slightly Autistic as well. Will this be a main and or recurring topic on the blog? Probably not, unless I have something interesting to say about it, it’s more a driving force behind other topics. If I have an obsession with something I’m going to be talking about it at length. Hmm…I think this metaphor has played itself out, onto the next slightly forced but very pretty picture.

Strichen Maps / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
A Strichen Map

At last we come to our final stop, what I’m assuming to be some kind of map of Strichen as a whole. Thus like the map we can look back, and discover what we have learned about The Wee Writing Lassie. She is a Dyslexic, slightly Autistic, Sci/Horror Writer & Freelance Editor in Training. She lives in the North of Scotland, which she clearly loves taking pictures of, and forcing them into blog posts – so expect to see many of those in future posts to come – and…oh yes!

Vegan Pizza / A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen / Charlotte Burnett / The Wee Writing Lassie
Vegan Pizzas…yum.

She’s a vegan! Thank you for joining me through this metaphor laden trip through Strichen…here’s a slice of vegan pizza for your troubles. If you enjoyed the many pictures in this blog post, then follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to see more.

11 thoughts on “A Wee Introduction and a Walk round Strichen

  1. Hi there. What a lovely introduction, to both you and your writing environment. One of my boys is autistic and I just found out I have the adult form of ADHD. Small world, no? Thank you for following my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this wee dauner through the toon, very enjoyable.
    But why no mention of the Stone Circle or Long Barrow?
    A wee bitty mysticism always adds intrigue!
    Thank you for following AnElephantCant.


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